1. How do you check whether the Waffle already has a SIM inserted?
- If the watch already has a SIM inserted, there will be a signal sign at the left top corner of the screen. Otherwise, there will be a small message “NO SIM” instead. However, please restart the watch every time after you insert a sim.

2. How do you check whether the watch is connected to the internet?
- If the watch has already been connected to the internet, there will be a data signal icon or a Wifi icon at the left top corner of the screen next to the signal sign.

3. If I have already inserted a SIM or connected to the Wifi, but still cannot connect to the internet?
- First try restarting the watch and try using it via the internet again. If the problem persists, you may have to check your SIM or your Wifi connection.

4. How to check that the SIM or Wifi works?
- You can test the SIM card on a smart phone. If it does not work properly, you may have to check the SIM’s band such as 900, 1800 or 2100, depending on the frequency of the SIM signal and SIM receiver. To test the Wifi connection, try connecting another device to test the internet connection instead.

5. How to resolve the issue if the time on the watch does not match with the local time?
- First, check that the watch is connected to the internet. If it has connected already, please let it update the time zone for 5-10 mins. Otherwise, you can update the time zone manually from the Waffle app in Settings > Watch Settings > Time Zone

6. How do you switch on the Waffle?
- You can turn on the Waffle by pressing and holding the power button located on the right side panel for 2-3 seconds until it launches the screen.

7. How do you switch off the Waffle?
- There are two ways to switch off the Waffle. The first is by pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds and then press the “OK” button to switch off. Secondly you can do it via Settings > Power Off, then tap “OK” on the screen.

8. How do you lock the screen?
- There are two ways to lock the screen. One is by pressing the power button one time. The other is by waiting for the screen to lock automatically.

9. How do you unlock the screen?
- By pressing the power button one time, then tapping the lock icon that's shown on the screen to unlock.

10. How do you change the Waffle’s background?
- By tapping and holding on the screen for 2 seconds. Then swipe left or right to choose another theme. Furthermore, you can change it in the “My Watch” menu under the Settings feature.

11. How to send SOS to a parent?
- To send SOS, the child can press and hold the SOS button on the right side panel for 3-5 seconds. After that, the parent app will receive the SOS notification.

12. If my child has already pressed the SOS button, but I didn’t receive any notification. What can I do?
- Please make sure that your child’s watch is connected to the internet either via Wifi or the SIM before you and your child are away from each other. You can also check the latest location of your child by using the “Location” feature on the Waffle app.

13. How do you see the watch’s contacts?
- By swiping right, all contacts will be shown in a list and the child can make a call to everyone in the list.

14. What should I do if I cannot make a call to the watch or if my child cannot make a call from the watch to the app?
- First, please check that you have updated your phone number to your profile and the child's watch number to your watch profile. Otherwise, please check the SIM signal indicator on the watch to see the signal strength.

15. If I want to add a new friend how can I find others in the watch list?
- You can swipe left and then swipe up to access the “BFF” feature, then wait until you find other watches, thereafter you can add all of them. The watches that will be found should be the ones around you.

16. If there are some watches around me but I still cannot find anyone, what should I do?
- This case can be separated into three ways. First, make sure that your watch and others are connected to the internet and they always update their location. Second, please check that their Bluetooth has been turned on already. Lastly, if the watch cannot find others, then they have already been added as a friend.

17. How to chat with other contacts?
- You can swipe left and access the “Message” feature and choose a contact from the list or “Group Chat” feature to chat with family.

18. Can one watch chat with another watch?
- Yes. But they can only chat via messages and both must already be paired as friends.

19. Can one watch have more than one group chat?
- No. One watch can only be in one group chat and the members can only be contacts from the "Family" contact list.

20. What can be sent into the chat?
- The Waffle can only send voice messages and stickers.