Sanzar Lifestyle attempts to evolve systems of living by instilling the benefits of a slower paced life through its experiential spaces and product offering in the United Kingdom. It aims to facilitate consumers in responding to their changing relationship with themselves, by adapting to the ease of life and encouraging consumers to pause and embrace a mindful-life, by standing as a haven of calm in the midst of city hustle bustle.

Alongside a simplistic and wellness-driven ethos, it’s brands will curate products & services entailing values of functionality, sustainability and longevity, thus submerging consumers into an immersive experience of exploring the “slow life” through a sensorial approach, leaving a lasting feeling of rejuvenation.

The brand DNA relies on the fluidity of life, while paying credence to the environment, society and it’s Indian roots. Aesthetics will encircle earthy and subdued tones with a rustic edge, while applying the use of organic materials throughout with an aim to act as the bridge that connects consumers to a headspace occupied by tranquillity.


Goal & Purpose

Craft products of the finest quality, sourced from sustainable, ethical and plant-based ingredients with utmost safety and efficacy.

The purpose surrounds cultivating fertile consumer relationships, built on a carefully considered product & services range – catering to sustainable and functional needs, whilst sincerely conveying a lifestyle of ease. Modern fast-paced lives have brought upon a dulling effect on mankind and hindered a sense of grounding in the present moment.

Hence, inspire a lifestyle of slow, by providing consumers the tools to immerse within a shaped concept, rooted in wisdom and aligned to contemporary sensibilities.


 Sustainability Mission

The brand will meticulously extend transparent and sustainable design to every aspect of it’s functioning whilst keeping sensory pleasures in mind. We promise that every product will resonate a fusion of the mind and soul, love for the environment, without harming the planet.

As we set our base in the United Kingdom, we proceed to bring in a plethora of Indian-induced wellness products to this market whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality, with sustainability and mindfulness kept in mind, for the makers and the consumers of the product.