The Pomo Bebe - Smart Baby Monitor is the latest innovation in baby care for young parents to look after their baby's well-being. This easy to use device will help parents in observing the overall development and health of their infant. The Pomo Bebe works 24 hours a day and has a set of impressive functions that are designed to aid in parenting.

Record Body Temperature

Record a baby's body temperature and keep a daily log for reference.

Record Liquid Temperatures

Scan the temperature of milk or bath water to ensure it’s perfect for babies.

Movement Tracking

Track the activity levels of babies and gauge their development.

Room Temperature Alert

Ensure the appropriate room temperature that is safe for babies.

Sleep Temperature Alert

Receive an alert if the temperature becomes uncomfortable when babies are asleep.

Sleep Quality

Monitor the sleep pattern of babies to better understand their sleeping habits.

Find Me

Be alerted when babies move away from a safe distance (15 meters).

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