About Us

Sanzar Futureteq Private Limited, is a start-up founded in 2016 – primarily focused on consumer IoT smart wearables that currently covers: watches, wristbands, Earwear, Eyewear, etc and is estimated to be circa $26.43 billion globally.

We endeavour to enhance people’s lives by providing innovative, bold and easy to use smart wearable products that have a compelling safety, health and wellness use case and facilitate the well-being of the users.

Our aim is to evolve into a comprehensive IoT hardware-software company.

The Opportunity

The global smart wearables market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 23.30% to reach $73.27 billion by 2022. With advances in technology, smart wearables will gradually move from the wrist to other body locations of the wearer. We aim to be a part of this rising tide and provide products with features that are multi-functional and affordable.

Sales of smart wearables grew by 60% in the Indian market for the year 2017, and this trend is set to continue, aided by rising health consciousness and growing awareness of fitness & health tracking products.

Our Products

POMO Waffle


The POMO Waffle is an advanced GPS smartwatch for children, which helps in fostering a sense of responsibility and healthy independence. Children can now be engaged in exploring their creativity, while parents can beassured of their safety and comfort.




The Pomo Bebe - Smart Baby Monitor is the latest innovation in baby care for young parents to look after their baby's well-being. This easy to use device will help parents in observing the overall development and health of their infant.


Gekko GX1


The Gekko GX1 is a hybrid smartwatch that comes with a trendy, yet rugged look that is designed to withstand any bumps and knocks it may find its way. The watch provides fitness statistics and has notifying capabilities that will always keep you connected.
Be bold, be trendy, be connected!



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